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Hollow Deck

Inheriting the the natural wood's features-- beautiful and comfortable, Seven Trust WPC Hollow Flooring Decking has many sizes and colors as available options. The length and wood texture can all be customized as different clients require.

Application of WPC Hollow Decking

Easy and convenient, the WPC decking can be installed in any way you like. The application of WPC decking is not restricted by the field and environment, the advantages of which are fully typified in the garden, park, club, Residential quarters, landscaping, bridge, dock, and many other outdoor decking, satisfying the psychological pursuit of modern city people. The WPC products are fresh and elegant, embodied with artistic flavor, bringing freshness from the nature.

Characteristics of WPC Hollow Decking

1. High density, high strength, clean, beautiful, service life is 10 times longer than that of ordinary wooden materials, can be 100% recycled.
2. Acid and alkali corrosion resistant, waterproof, anti-moth, anti-fungus, anti-bacteria, can be used under open-air.
3. Can be recycled for second processing, can be saw, nailed, drilled and dig. No need to paint, the shape, color, size can all be adjusted as clients require.

  • Installation

    Installation Instructions Of WPC Hollow Decking

    1. Before installing the joist, make sure the ground is flat and solid so that the joist can be fastened tightly on the ground. Then dig holes with percussion drill in the deck area and bury the plastic tube into the holes.
    2. Take the buried expansion tube as center, put the joist stably on the center line, pierce the joist with pistol drill and nail the screw into the expansion tube.
    3. Nail the expansion screw into the top of the vertical joint of two joists.
    4. Put flat the deck along the vertical direction of joists, the ending deck can be fixed on the joist with screw to make sure the accuracy of it being the base floor for other decks.
    5. Install clips on the other side of the first deck, and start installing decks in order.
    6. Install 2 joists in the longitudinal joint of two decks.
    7. To avoid possible deformation caused by temperature change, joists can not be tied too closely.
    8. Outside the last deck, use the same installation method as that of the first deck, install edge seal and terminal sealing board.

  • Color
  • Product Images
    Hollow Deck

    Model: QZ-02A

    Size: 150x25mm
    Hollow Deck

    Model: QZ-01A

    Size: 146x30mm
    Hollow Deck

    Model: QZ-03B

    Size: 140x23mm
    Hollow Deck

    Model: QZ-11A

    Size: 140X25mm
    Hollow Deck

    Model: QZ-21A

    Size: 146x21mm
    Hollow Deck

    Model: QZ-11AG

    Size: 140X25mm
    Hollow Deck

    Model: QZ-20A

    Size: 100X20.5mm

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