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PVC Board

For many years, rigid PVC and PVC foam sheets have proven their value as building material for advertising signs, site boards as well as transparencies or displays, and when used outdoors they have proved very reliable, even when faced with different climatic and environmental conditions.
PVC foam board, also known as Chevron board and Andy board, its chemical composition is polyvinyl chloride. Widely used in buses, train cars ceiling, box core, interior panels, building wall panels, decorative panels, office, residential, public building, commercial decorative frame, clean room with a plate , ceiling panels, screen printing, computer lettering, advertising, labeling, display panels, signs with the board albums board industry and chemical corrosion engineering, thermoformed parts, refrigerator with panels, special cold project, environmental used formwork, sports equipment, breeding timber , waterfront facilities, moisture, water materials, art materials and a variety of portable partitions instead of the glass ceiling and so on.

PVC Foam Board Product Features

1. waterproof, fire retardant, acid, moth, light, heat, noise, vibration characteristics.
2. and the same wood processing and wood processing performance far superior.
3. wood, aluminum, composite sheet ideal substitute.
4. crust plate surface is very smooth, high hardness, not easy scratched, commonly used in making cabinets, furniture, etc.

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