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WPC flower box is a kind of high-tech and green material heated and extruded from the mixture of wood material(wood fiber, plant fiber), thermoplastic polymer materials(plastic) and processing aids, (of which the wood material is the base), owing the features and performance of both wood and plastics.

Applications of WPC flower box

WPC flower box is widely used in road isolation,municipal greening, greening projects, park square, home gardening and so on.

Characteristics of WPC flower box

1. The surface is smooth and delicate, beautifully shaped.
2. Abandoned the defects of natural wood, durable, has longer life time, anti-UV, anti-erosion, no deformation, non-absorbent, moisture-resistant, adaptable to temperature difference.
3. Can be used in the city streets, squares, parks, etc., placed in different shapes.
4. Easy to install, easy to maintenance, time-saving, effective and efficien.

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